About Us

iu-1Cohousing Research Network (CRN) is the research arm of the Cohousing Association of the US (Coho/US) and aspires to be a global resource center for cohousing research.  CRN was formed in 2011 at the National Cohousing Conference in Washington, D.C.  Researchers from all over the world gathered together and decided that cohousing research should be as collaborative as cohousing itself!


What does CRN do for researchers?

CRN is a hub for cohousing researchers to connect and collaborate. Resources we provide include:

  • Access to a supportive and collaborative community of cohousing researchers, professionals, and experts on our email discussion forum, research-l
  • Connections with cohousing communities and residents
  • A comprehensive bibliography of academic, peer-reviewed cohousing research
  • Data!
  • Research priorities deemed critical by Coho/US and Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing (PFAC)

What does CRN do for cohousing communities?

CRN understands that cohousing communities are often overburdened with requests for participation in research. When you refer research requests to CRN, we work with the researcher to ensure that:

  • Research leverages existing knowledge and available data.
  • Demands on communities for participation are reasonable and worthwhile.
  • Research outcomes are reported back to cohousers, e.g., via cohousing-l or our blog on Cohousing Now! e-news.

CRN acts as a clearing house, reducing demands on communities while at the same time facilitating research!