Research-l (listserv)

Research-l is an email discussion forum, sponsored by CRN, where cohousing researchers can connect and collaborate.  Appropriate posts include:

  • Inquiries about past cohousing research and available data
  • Sharing new cohousing research
  • Brainstorming research questions and methodological strategies
  • Discussing organizational goals and logistics for CRN
  • Outreach to form teams for specific research projects, presentations, and grant proposals

Work on specific projects should eventually be done off the list once a focused team has formed, checking in with the list intermittently for feedback, support, and project updates.

Once you subscribe, you will immediately be sent an e-mail message asking you to verify your subscription.  The subject line will be: “Verify your research-l subscription”. If you do not see it within 5 minutes, check your spam folder!

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