Steering Committee

Diane Margolis, PhD, Director Emeritus

Diane is a fouDiane photonding member of Cambridge Cohousing and former member of Coho/US Board of Directors. She coauthored the Report on the Survey of Cohousing Communities, 2011. Diane is Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of Connecticut. She has published research articles as well as two books, The Fabric of Self (1998), which won Honorable Mention at the First Annual Book Award of the Eastern Sociological Society, and The Managers.

Angela Sanguinetti, PhD, Director, Liaison to Coho/US

angela-sanguinettiAngela is a behavioral scientist at University of California, Davis, and member of Coho/US Board of Directors. She led CRN’s national survey of cohousing residents in 2012. Angela’s research includes the identification of cohousing practices that contribute to social and environmental benefits. She has a particular interest in retrofit cohousing and framing the concept of cohousing to mitigate perceived ideological barriers.

Heidi Berggren, PhD, Assistant Director

Heidi is Associate Professor of Political ScienceHeidi photo and Women’s and Gender Studies and co-chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. She publishes research on the cohousing movement; the politics of work and family; gender and politics; social movements; and political behavior. Heidi is responsible for creating and maintaining CRN’s extensive bibliography of cohousing research.

Neil Planchon, Communications

Neil photo

Neil is the Director of 2.Oakland, a non-profit group founded by tech and civic leaders working to support and grow the tech and innovation ecosystem in Oakland, CA.  He is a co-active life coach, focusing on personal and professional life enrichment as well as business management and development.  Neil is also a professional website designer.  He is a former Cohousing Association board and staff member as well as a founding resident of a SF Bay Area Cohousing community.  He brings all this expertise to his role at CRN as Webmaster and Director of Communication

Chuck MacLane, PhD, Research Coordinator

Chuck photoChuck spent 34 years as a Personnel Research Psychologist and now consults for public and private organizations.  He specialized in the development of personality-oriented assessments for a variety of occupations such as Trademark Attorneys and Deputy Marshals. Chuck has been a member of CRN since 2011. He contributes his expertise in person-organization fit and data analysis as CRN’s research coordinator.

Richart Keller, AICP, Liaison to Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing (PFAC)

Rick is a profesRIck photosional community/environmental planner and facilitator with over 40 years of experience. He has worked in the private, non-profit, and government sectors. Rick has co-founded a number of nonprofit organizations and coalitions serving low income individuals and communities. He is a resident of a cohousing community in Amherst, MA, former member of Coho/US Board of Directors, and founding member of CRN.

Betsy Morris, PhD

Betsy photo